New Print Publication: Pembroke Magazine

As our first-born was turning one, my husband and I grew increasingly concerned about his safety. I have three sons now, and while I supervise quite a bit these days, back then, it was more of a vigilance. Then this thing happened, this thing that threatened our safety at the very moment my husband and I were acting on our protective instincts. We didn’t talk about it for a while afterward, fearing that we both had done things that compromised our safety rather than assuring it. Hindsight was a barb to us both. Eventually I had to write about it. My essay detailing the experience appears in Issue 50 of Pembroke Magazine.


I was introduced to Pembroke through Journal of the Month, a gift from my friend and fellow writer Claire Guyton. I loved the journal when it arrived in my mailbox. It feels awfully good to have a piece in its pages!