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Suzanne Farrell Smith is the author of Small Off Things: Meditations from an Anxious Mind (Littoral Books), an essay collection rooted in anxiety; The Memory Sessions (Bucknell University Press), a memoir about searching for lost childhood memory; and The Writing Shop (Brill | Sense), a guidebook for writing teachers. She is widely published, has been named Notable in Best American, and won a Pushcart for her Brevity essay “If You Find a Mouse on a Glue Trap.”

Suzanne grew up in a small Connecticut village, graduated from Trinity College, and moved to Manhattan, where she taught elementary school. With an MA from The New School and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts, she now teaches creative nonfiction at Westport Writers’ Workshop. Suzanne mentors emerging writers in AWP’s Writer to Writer Program, reads for Longridge Review, and is a founding editor of Waterwheel Review. She moved back to her home state and lives by a creek in the woods with her husband, three sons, and two cats. 

At the heart of my writing is the belief that the world is kinder when we tell each other our stories. At the heart of my writing life is the belief that because I write, because I always have a piece in progress waiting for me, I never feel totally alone.

Suzanne can be reached by email: suzfarrellsmith[at]gmail.com
You can also find her on Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.