Fiction & Poetry

9. “Leaves of Him” On the Seawall, June 2022
After the ruined den empties

8. “To Gratitude” On the Seawall, June 2022
You expand my pajamas, stain my nursing kimono, seep from twisted sheets

7. “Ghost Mother” Typehouse Literary Magazine, May 2019
My son, weighted skin

6. “Winter Skin” Typehouse Literary Magazine, May 2019
I am relieved my mother will die amid all this ice.

5. “The Outing” The Molotov Cocktail, April 2018
On account of the outing, they woke early.

4. “a state incompatible with life” Literary Mama, October 2015
you are flat
I didn’t expect paper-thin

3. “Twice Buried” Literary Mama, October 2015
Our mother never had you.

2. “Baby Barbecue” Frontier Psychiatrist, September 2012
To My Ex-Best Friend: Thank you for the invitation to your Baby Barbecue. The invite (not to mention the title) surprised me. Never would I have expected to be included. 

1. “Shower Talk” Frontier Psychiatrist, December 2010
“Have you ever wanted to pick up a totally random hobby?” she asked. “Yeah,” he said. “Calligraphy.” She didn’t think it was random enough. She assumed he didn’t understand the word random, which means without aim. Without reason.