New Book (!): The Writing Shop

My whole career, twenty years now, has been in education. My love for and passion about writing—about all good writing and helping people figure out how to do it, no matter their purpose—partly overlaps with education and partly stands on its own. As a teacher, writer, shop daughter, and now a parent, I believe in the transformative power of a workshop. So I threw my whole life into The Writing Shop, into its one main idea: elements common to all workshops can and should be applied to writing workshop. On this side of publication, I see why it’s fitting that my shop book is my first book.

Author copies in an open box.

Author copies of The Writing Shop arrived to circumstance but not pomp. The day was the tail end of a family-wide stomach bug, and my sons had just started a dinosaur puzzle. They grabbed copies and pretended to read and were really excited about the pictures. One hugged me when I read the dedication aloud. But they quickly returned to the triceratops.

Dedication reads To Sebastian, Josiah, and Rafferty, may you always build meaningful things.

So last night, my husband bought us champagne to properly fete the occasion.

Me, my husband, my book, and champagne.

The Writing Shop can be found on Amazon and at Brill.