Literary Thing I Love: The Kenyon Review Weekend Reads

Every Friday, the Kenyon Review sends an email to its subscribers highlighting one piece from its archives. This past Friday, Alice Fulton’s poem A Lightenment On New Year’s Eve” from 2011 was featured. Last week, Amy Boesky’s 2013 essay about ghostwriting for the Sweet Valley High series, in which she states a truth that all memoirists—all creative nonfiction writers? all writers? all artists?—will grasp: “The books are packed away in my attic now—dozens of them, with their lilac and dusty-pink paperback covers—but the experience is harder to sort out and put away.” A few weeks back, a sharp, strange 1966 story by Don DeLillo.

Why do I love this literary thing?

The obvious answer: I love to read.
The more refined answer: I love to read but with a young child at home, the time + energy formula rarely yields enough opportunities for book-length works and even essays these days.
The lazy answer: I love having a weekly piece picked for me.
The adventurous answer: I love being exposed to authors I might not otherwise find.
The proud answer: When I recognize someone, or even know someone who knows someone who knows the featured writer, I feel fully satisfied with myself and my writing life and the world in general.
The realistic answer: It’s called “Weekend Reads,” so I have the whole weekend to read it, and that helps me feel productive and on top of things and even somewhat relaxed, as if I am a person who has loads of time to read, because hey, I’m just here doing my weekend reading, everyone, don’t mind me.
The straight answer: Like A Word A Day, the Kenyon Review‘s Weekend Reads gently reminds me I remain, happily, a card-carrying literary citizen, even if all the Other Things in Life like to grab that card and chew on it and push it under the couch.