Literary Shorts

“Retail Therapy,” a piece I wrote a couple years ago in a flash and recently pulled back out for a quick facelift, is on Tiny Lights. I absolutely love their Flash in the Pan section. The inspiring description, a good reminder for all writers:

“Writers have a lot in common with the prospectors who swarmed California in the 19th century–gold seekers set alight by visions of undiscovered riches. We literary treasure hunters work harder than any sane person should, chipping away at solid, unyielding rock or washing the gravel of parsimonious streambeds. It’s a solitary, demanding life, and most of the time, all we end up with are a few pinches of bright dust that threaten to slip through our fingers. But gold is gold, no matter its size. These small strikes keep us fed and our dreams of the mother lode alive. Tiny Lights Publications honors the flash in the pan, those shining flecks of pure gold that often appear when we least expect them, when our hunger for bigger prizes is temporarily sated, when we relax and take the time to look at what’s really in our hands. We are seeking pieces of writing that may have first appeared on a napkin, in a journal, or as a dream. 500 words or less, they are impossible to explain or categorize, and equally impossible to forget.”

Some prospecting is in order for the weekend!

Five on Friday, home of 250-word pieces, also has a new round up for Friday Happy Hour.

Whether you’re painting your apartment, watching a Bones marathon, flying to England, visiting a new bookstore, or attempting your first-ever pasta e fagioli recipe, I wish you a good weekend!