Happy Birthday, Daddy

My sisters and I always call my mother on November 2nd. Today, she asked me if I remembered the cakes we made for Daddy. “I gave you each a can of frosting and you decorated with lots and lots of sprinkles. Daddy always acted so surprised!” When I told her that no, unfortunately, I don’t remember, Mom said, “Maybe you will one day. Maybe you’ll open a can of frosting in twenty years and think, AH, I remember making those cakes.” Here’s to hoping. Whether that happens or not, I’m satisfied to know that cakes were frosted, fathers were surprised, birthdays were celebrated. Last year on Thanksgiving I got to watch my nieces and nephew present their cake to their father, my brother-in-law and another November birthday. And that moment — so much blue! so many sprinkles! such a surprised Daddy! — I will never forget.